test the virtues of Articho

We provide you with the Word documents we use to demonstrate Articho to professionals. You can thus carry out yourself these demonstrations which illustrate the virtues of Articho for copy editing and correction. The document “Copy editing Demo introduction.pdf” explains step by step how to experience the demonstrations.

We advise you to print this document for a comfortable “self-demonstration”.

Open PDF document 0. Demo Prepa de copie introduction

The demonstrations are carried out on the following four Word files :

— auteur.docx : Copy editing. You will perform the following four One-Click functions: Analysis, Cleaning, Typography, Formatting. This will automatically correct the many problems of unwanted characters and typographical errors (identified in the document by highlighting). You will thus ensure a complete and precise structuring of the document for a secure and semi-automated print and digital production.
To view the document after executing these commands, open the document 1 bis. doc author prepare.docx.

— notes de bas de page.docx : Copy editing on footnotes. You will correct errors in the location of footnote calls, and perform the functions of Cleaning, Typography and Formatting on the text but also on the footnotes.

— chercher-remplacer.docx : find and replace wildcards and find and paste. The first function allows you to use wildcards (any digit, any letter, any character) in the find and replace operations: in this example, you will replace the period by a hyphen in figure references (figure 1-1 and not figure 1.1). The find and place function replaces the text searched for by the content of the clipboard: it thus allows you to make replacements that can contain any type of content, including formattings (here you will correct CO2 to CO2 throughout the document).

— index.docx : Correction of a Word index in WYSIWYG mode.You will correct the index generated by the Articho. Contrary to the index generated by Word, the index generated by the Articho is linked to the index marks: correcting the index simultaneously corrects the index marks in the document.

Wishing you a good “self-demonstration”.

Feel free to contact us for any question.

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