trial version free and fully functional 30-day

30- day trial. The trial version of Articho is fully functional during the 30-day trial period. Beyond this trial period, certain functions remain accessible.

Compatibility. Articho is compatible with Microsoft Word for Windows, versions 2010 and later. Articho is not compatible with Word for Mac OS. If you own a Mac and do not have access to a PC running Windows, the BootCamp program (provided for free by Apple) allows you to install a Windows system on your Mac and boot on either system. See Install Windows on your Mac with Boot Camp page on Apple’s website.

DigiCert Certification. Articho is authenticated. The installation program and Articho code are digitally signed by a control and validation certificate from DigiCert, the international certification body.

To extend the free trial version from 15 to 30 days, please provide us with your email address (optional).

We will send you an email with a personal activation key to double your free trial period from 15 to 30 days.

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