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Articho is an add-in that enhances Microsoft Word with functions that simplify and speed up manuscript preparation for print and digital publication.

User-friendly and flexible, Articho fits easily into your publishing process.

Cost and time saving

In addition to spell checking and style compliance, correct formatting is a key issue in meeting deadlines and controlling costs in print and digital publishing.

Articho automates the repetitive and time-consuming tasks of  manuscript preparation to create a smoother publishing process:

– facilitating adherence to the style guide helps to meet deadlines
formatting the copy and deleting unwanted characters and information speed up and secure the layout process and digital production
editing tools simplify the daily work of copyeditors and proofreaders


Articho has five main functions that help to optimize and speed up the essential steps of manuscript preparation prior to layout and digital production.

Generate a technical report listing the specificities of a manuscript that need special attention during copyediting and layout (e.g., presence of footnotes, tables, index marks, fields, paragraph and character styles used, etc.).
Automatically delete unwanted characters from all text, including body copy, footnotes, and tables, to free yourself from a tedious step of manuscript preparation.
Apply Articho’s Style Guide rules (based on The Chicago Manual of Style) to ensure that the correct and desired style is followed in a manuscript, and to ensure stylistic conformity among manuscripts. Additionally, modify Articho’s default style guide to your specific stylistic needs.
Apply Microsoft Word’s various spelling and grammar checks at once, for quick and easy proofreading.
Automatically apply character styles and delete extraneous information  to speed up the layout and the production of digital formats.


Articho enhances Word with powerful Tools for copyediting.


Articho’s default style guide follows the rules of The Chicago Manual of Style. However, you can easily modify the style guide to adapt it to your specific stylistic needs.


Articho allows you to create an unlimited number of style guides and to share them with others, both internally and with external collaborators. This ability to share style guides helps to maintain stylistic consistency among manuscripts, which contributes to a smoother production process.

French version

Articho is available in both French and English. Use the Language command to switch instantly between the two languages. Importantly, when set to English, the program follows The Chicago Manual of Style, and when set to French, it follows the Lexique des règles typographiques en usage à l’Imprimerie nationale.


Articho is fully certified by DigiCert, an international certification and security organization.

To view the Articho certificate, right-click on the setup program after downloading it, then choose Properties and select the Signatures tab.


Introduction – Style guideCleaningFormattingToolboxSharingAbout us

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