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The use of a customized style guide guarantees a tailored editorial preparation. Sharing style guides ensures editorial consistency across publications.

Creating and sharing style guides

The rules of Articho’s style guide and character style sheet can be easily revised to fit your own stylistic needs.

During installation, Articho installs its own default style guide. You can customize this style guide and/or create as many style guides as you want (by topic, client, etc…), for your own use or to share them within an internal network or with external collaborators.

To create or share a style guide, export Articho’s style guide to the location of your choice, then set it as the active style guide to enable Articho to load it.


Customize the rules of the style guide before sharing it. When a style guide is shared within an internal network, changes made to it are effective for all who use it.

Customization of style guides

The ease of adapting the rules of the style guide by either modifying them or adding new rules is a major asset of Articho. Simply choose a drop-down option in the Customize command to see that option’s rules, and click on Add, Remove, or Modify to make a desired stylistic change.

For example, you can create a rule to write Latin phrases in a specific font type, such as italic or roman, set spacing rules for punctuations and symbols, and stipulate how specific words should be capitalized.

Share style guides internally and with external collaborators

To share the style guide, choose Export the style guide in the Share command. To share it within a private network, simply save it to the shared server. To share it with external collaborators, save the style guide and then email it to them or upload it to the cloud.


To set the shared style guide as the default, recipients, whether internal or external collaborators, can import the shared style guide into Articho by clicking on Import the style guide in the Share command.

To retain their own style guide in Articho, but also have access to the shared style guides, recipients should save the shared style guides to a preferred location. This way their own style guide will remain the default style guide in Articho, but they will be able to choose another style guide as the active style guide through Articho, by clicking on Choose the style guide in the Share command.


You can  customize the active style guide either through the Style Guide or the Customize command.

Within either command, click on a stylistic category from the drop-down options (e.g., Italic/Roman, Punctuation and spaces). To remove or modify an existing rule, select it, and click on Remove or Modify. To add a new rule, simply click on Add.

Password protection

The password protection feature makes it possible to limit the editing rights of a style guide to authorized persons only. A password-protected style guide remains locked even when it is shared externally. An external recipient will need the password to edit the style guide.

To password-protect a style guide, click on the Share command, and choose Password Protection. This will prompt you to enter a password.

Once a style guide is password-protected, any changes to it will prompt the user to enter the password.

To remove the password protection, choose Share–>Password protection. You are prompted to enter the password to remove the protection.

IntroductionStyle guideCleaningFormattingToolbox – Sharing – About us

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