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The application of character styles is a particularly delicate, time-consuming and errors prone operation. Articho automates and accelerates this operation:

– Character styles are applied only to relevant and appropriate text. For example, Articho will not apply the italic character style to any copy that is set in an italicized paragraph style (e.g., Quote)
– Articho applies only the character styles that exist in its character style sheet
– A character style that consists of more than 1 formatting style (e.g., bold and italic) is created by combining the relevant style names (e. g., tx_bolditalic, tx_boldunderline).


The application of character styles simplifies the work of layout designers and typesetters, because it allows them to remove unwanted formatting in one click, so that only relevant and desired character styles are retained in the manuscript.

The application of character styles also automates digital production by linking character styles with the appropriate XML tags (mapping).

Customizing the character style sheet

Sharing Articho style guides ensures that all collaborators use the same style sheet (and thus apply the same style names). You can customize the style sheet to your liking. Changes are effective for all users of the style guide.

Edit the character style sheet in one of two ways:

– Formatting—>Edit the character style sheet
– Formatting—>Apply the character style sheet—>Edit the character style sheet


Formatting functions in detail:

– Apply character styles
Style sheets optimization
Stylistic consolidation
Formatting tables
Delete extraneous informations
Place hypertext links

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