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Articho’s Toolbox enhances Word with professional tools for copyeditors and proofreaders.

Express configuration. Groups into one window Word’s key editing tools to enable the user to apply multiple editing functions in one click.

Find and Replace wildcards. Extends the possibilities of Word’s find and replace function with the ability to use wildcards in replacement text.

Find and Paste. Enables text to be replaced with special characters, such as super and subscripts, and italicized and bold copy.

Correcting the index. While corrections to an index generated by Word have no effect on the index marks of the manuscript (which are used  by all types of layout software to generate an index), the corrections made to an index generated by Articho are applied simultaneously to the corresponding fields in the manuscript.

Formatting tables. This function automatically balances columns and formats tables to fit a prespecified width on the page, enhancing legibility during manuscript preparation and freeing the typesetter from this task.

Generate a report. This function produces a detailed summary that lists the technical specificities of the manuscript, such as character count and character and paragraph styles used, and the features the manuscript contains (e.g., images, equations, index marks, fields, etc.).

Auto-numbering to text. Converts auto-numbering to regular text to prevent numbering errors when importing a file into desktop publishing software.

Place hyperlinks. Articho automatically detects URLs and offers to hyperlink them to their corresponding websites.

Delete extraneous information. Automatically remove extraneous information to clean up the manuscript and prepare it for production.

The toolbox functions in detail:

Express configuration
Find and replace wildcards
Find and paste
Correcting the index
Formatting tables
Embedding footnotes
Generate a report
Auto-numbering to text
Place hyperlinks
Delete extraneous informations

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