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While the index generated by Word is independent of the index marks in the manuscript, Articho generates an index linked to the index marks distributed in the manuscript.

The corrections you make to the index generated by Articho are applied to the index marks of the manuscript. This way you can easily correct the index before layout. Moreover, you also cut down on the time needed for proofreading, and reduce the amount of changes that need to be applied  by the typesetter.

When a correction affects several index marks (in the example below, the correction from “Variable” to “Variables”), all associated index marks are corrected simultaneously.

You can also perform capitalization corrections (conversion from lower to uppercase and vice versa on the index levels you want) and execute find-replace operations on the index marks.


To view the index mark in context, use the Go to button.


The toolbox functions in detail:

Express configuration
Find and replace wildcards
Find and paste
– Correcting the index
Formatting tables
Embedding footnotes
Generate a report
Auto-numbering to text
Place hyperlinks
Delete extraneous informations

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