embedding footnotes

The Embedding Footnotes function integrates footnotes into the text. You can choose whether or not to delete the footnotes after they have been embedeed into the document.

Location of embedded footnotes

Footnotes can be embedded below the paragraph where are situated the footnotes symbols or at the end of the document. In the first case, the numbering resumes at 1 for each paragraph.

In the second case, the numbering of note calls is continuous and the notes are placed at the end of the document.

Format of footnotes symbols

When embedding notes in the text, the footnote symbol is replaced by “solid” text. Select the options you want: whether to surround the callout with parentheses or square brackets, whether to precede the callout with a non-breaking space, to compose the callout in superscript and/or bold. You can also apply a character style to the footnote symbol.

Format of notes

In the same way as for footnotes symbols, you define the options for composing notes: whether or not to surround the note reference with brackets or square brackets, whether to follow the note reference with a non-breaking space or with a tab, whether to apply a paragraph style to the note.

Style guide

The notes embedding options are attached to the active style guide. To change the rules for embedding notes, activate the style guide, then select the Embedding Footnotes command from the Tools group. Select the options which fit your style guide, then click Cancel or Run. You are prompted to save the active options.

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