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Articho’s template style guide follows The Chicago Manual of Style, the reference style guide for publishing professionals. However, you can easily customize these rules to adapt Articho to your specific stylistic needs.

To correct stylistic errors in the text, choose the category of rules you want.

… or click on Show all to display all options at once. This enables you to choose all of the style rules that you want applied, and to apply them all in one click.

Click on the Details link located to the right of each category to view and edit the stylistic rules of a specific category.


Articho’s “Find and Replace” tool provides two features that are not possible with Microsoft Word alone:

  1. The use of wildcards in replacement text (any digit, any letter, any character);
  2. The Whole Word(s) option, which allows a phrase to be designated as a complete phrase, to keep Articho from stopping on a phrase that contains the searched-for phrase. For example, when searching for the phrase a priori, checking the Whole word(s) option will keep the program from stopping on the phrase a priority.


Easily customize the rules of Articho’s style guide to your stylistic needs.



– In a manuscript about the universe, capitalizing the first letter of each word in “Solar System” is preferred. Adding this rule to Articho ensures that all mentions of this phrase are written in the preferred style.
– It is the house style to italicize all Latin phrases. Use the Italic/Roman option to set this rule.

Decision guidance

Upon applying the rules of the style guide, Articho will highlight each perceived error and allow the user to choose from seven options in determining how to proceed.


Use the More button to consult the associated rule and its examples.

Style guide in detail:

Spacing rules: punctuations, non-breaking spaces and unwanted spaces
Composition of numbers
Composition in italic/roman
Miscellaneous rules : quotation marks, dashes, location of note calls, frequent errors…
Paired punctuation marks
Consult the style guide

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