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Articho applies italic or roman font to words according to the rules of the style guide. By default, the italic/roman composition of words follows the rules of The Chicago Manual of Style.


However, the font rule for a word can be changed by going to Style Guide—>Italic/Roman, clicking on Details, selecting the desired term, and clicking on Modify, or by using the Customize command.



Unlike Word’s “Find and Replace” tool, Articho allows you to use the Whole Word(s) option for expressions containing several words. When adding a new word or expression, remember to check the Whole Word(s) option to designate the new word or expression as a whole word and avoid inappropriate stops (e.g., a priori vs. a priority) when editing the italic/roman rules.


Articho does not consider text that is naturally italicized because of a paragraph style to be italicized (e.g., the Quote paragraph style is in italics by default). In such cases, if a word or phrase would normally be italicized, Articho will propose to set the word or phrase in roman font.

Style guide in detail:

Spacing rules: punctuations, non-breaking spaces and unwanted spaces
Composition of numbers
– Composition in italic/roman
Miscellaneous rules : quotation marks, dashes, location of note calls, frequent errors…
Paired punctuation marks
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