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Each option of the Style Guide command includes descriptions of specific stylistic rules, descriptions that are there to aid the user in deciding what stylistic rule to follow in case of doubt. To view these descriptions, go to Style Guide—>Consult the style guide, and choose one of the four main rules (Capitalization, Non-breaking spaces, Italic/Roman, and Other stylistic rules). Each rule includes descriptions of various stylistic categories specific to that rule. To add a new stylistic category, choose one of the four main rules, and click on the Add button.


Anytime you modify or add a rule  in the Style Guide, choose a stylistic category to associate with it.

To create a new stylistic category, choose the Add a style guide rule entry at the bottom of the dropdown list.


Style guide in detail:

Spacing rules: punctuations, non-breaking spaces and unwanted spaces
Composition of numbers
Composition in italic/roman
Miscellaneous rules : quotation marks, dashes, location of note calls, frequent errors…
Paired punctuation marks
– Consult the style guide

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