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quotation marks, dashes, footnote symbols, frequent errors…

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The Miscellaneous rules category performs the following checks:

– use of the typographic apostrophe
– use of typographic quotation marks
– use of the em dash
– location of footnote symbols
– miscellaneous errors (customizable function)


Apostrophe and quotation marks

The typographic apostrophe and quotation marks are a curved apostrophe and quotation marks, which are preferred over the straight apostrophe or quotation marks for text composition.

The conversion of quotation marks to typographic quotation marks replaces straight quotation marks and French quotation marks (« … ») with English quotation marks (“…”). To do the reverse—convert all quotation marks to French quotation marks—switch Articho to French and execute the command.

Use of the em dash to mark a break in a sentence

This rule detects incorrect break dashes and proposes to correct them by using an em dash, and if appropriate, by closing up the space before and after the em dash.

Location of footnote symbols

This function applies the rules for the location of footnote symbols as recommended by The Chicago Manual of Style. Click the Details link to view the options and uncheck the ones you do not want to run.

Miscellaneous errors

The use of three dots instead of an ellipsis, hyphens in neologisms, a comma placed inside a break—this category groups together errors that do not fall into any specific category.

It consists of a “find and replace” list covering the most common errors. You can add new rules or modify/delete/deactivate existing ones to customize this list to your stylistic needs.


Style guide in detail:

Spacing rules: punctuations, non-breaking spaces and unwanted spaces
Composition of numbers
Composition in italic/roman
– Miscellaneous rules : quotation marks, dashes, location of note calls, frequent errors…
Paired punctuation marks
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