paired punctuation marks

identifying orphaned punctuation marks

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This function ensures that marks that come in pairs, such as parentheses and quotation marks, have a corresponding opening or closing mark in the text.


By default, Articho checks for the following pairs:

– French quotation marks « »
– English quotation marks “ ”
– parentheses ( )
– square brackets [ ]
– braces { }

However, this list can be easily modified or expanded by clicking on Details.

After this function has been executed, Articho highlights in green every orphaned mark, to notify the user that a needed pair to the mark may be missing.

Style guide in detail:

Spacing rules: punctuations, non-breaking spaces and unwanted spaces
Composition of numbers
Composition in italic/roman
Miscellaneous rules : quotation marks, dashes, location of note calls, frequent errors…
– Paired punctuation marks
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