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Correcting spacing errors is an essential step in preparing a manuscript and optimizing it for layout. Articho corrects the following types of spacing problems in text, tables, and footnotes:

– punctuation spacing rules
– non-breaking spaces
– deletes unwanted spaces

Punctuation spacing rules


This function checks that the spacing rule before and after a punctuation mark (and more broadly, any character of your choice) is followed. A spacing rule consists of assigning one of the following three possibilities before and after the punctuation mark:

– no space
– a space
– a non-breaking space

If the rule is not followed, the user is prompted to make the correction.

By default, Articho follows “standard” spacing rules. You can modify these rules to adapt them to your preferences and stylistic needs.


Non-breaking spaces

Articho can automatically place non-breaking spaces, which prevent unwanted line breaks from occurring, thereby reducing the work of the typesetter and copyeditor. To place non-breaking spaces into an existing manuscript, go to the Style Guide command, either choose the non-breaking spaces drop-down option, or choose Show all and check the non-breaking spaces box in the pop-up window, and then click on Execute.


To see all the non-breaking space rules, click on Details. This Details window will also allow you to Add, Modify, and Remove non-breaking space rules.



To add a non-breaking space, click on the Add button, enter the desired rule in the Non-breaking expression field, and click Add. For example, in a book about airplanes, if you wish to keep the phrase Boeing 747 on one line, then enter Boeing ^# into the Non-breaking expression field, and click Add. (NOTE: ^# means “any number”; use the Special character button to insert this type of wildcard symbol). Once this rule has been added, if you run the non-breaking space rule function on a manuscript, Articho will move all instances of Boeing 747 (as well as all mentions of Boeing followed by any number) onto one line.

Delete unwanted spaces

Use the Cleaning command to remove all unwanted spaces in the text, tables, and footnotes (such as at the beginning or end of a paragraph or a cell, or before or after a tab).


Style guide in detail:

– Spacing rules: punctuations, non-breaking spaces and unwanted spaces
Composition of numbers
Composition in italic/roman
Miscellaneous rules : quotation marks, dashes, location of note calls, frequent errors…
Paired punctuation marks
Consult the style guide

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