a short history of articho

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Articho is a team with complementary skills who live in Paris, Marseille, Douarnenez, Brest, Rennes, London and New York. I designed Articho and developed it for VBA programming. Grégory Hatey is the webmaster of the Articho website. Clément Bascoulard takes care of programming. Sandrine Henry is a proofreader and participated in adapting Articho to the stylistic rules in use in the United States. Laura Halegraves is the translator of the software into English. Rita Beck is the editor of the English version of the website and of the User Guide.

A long maturation process

The foundations of Articho were planted in 1996, when I started developing additional functions for Word. Head of the Proofreading Department at Pearson Education France, my objective was to automate recurring and repetitive corrections in order to cope with a large volume of publications within a small team.

Editorial coordinator from 1998, I continued to develop complementary functions for Word with the objective, this time, of simplifying communication between editors and typesetters by optimizing manuscripts for production.

Since 2005, I have been offering my services in editorial coordination, copyediting, and print and digital layout as a freelancer. With the arrival of digital publishing, formatting has become a key issue in manuscript preparation for controlling production deadlines and costs. As a result, I started to develop formatting functions adapted to the needs of multimedia publishing and to the evolution of desktop publishing software.

In 2015, I decided to share the tools I had been thinking about for 20 years. Thus, Articho was launched.

My friends and I, are happy to share with you the bountiful harvest of Articho.


Mikaël Bidault

IntroductionStyle guideCleaningFormattingToolboxSharing – About us

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