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1. Please note that the typographical correction rules (Typography button on the Articho tab) of the English version of Articho are adapted to English typographical rules at 90% and are currently being finalized. All the other functions of the english version of Articho are finalized.
2. Screenshots of the English version of the website are screenshots of the French version of Articho and will soon be replaced by screenshots of the English version. Software is available in English and French.

Complete solution for copy editing

With the development of ebooks and the simultaneous publication on print and digital media, the requirements for structuring documents have increased considerably. At the same time, the boundaries between traditional professions are becoming increasingly blurred: copy editing and layout are thus more and more often entrusted to the same person. Articho provides in one add-in for Microsoft Word the answers to the traditional needs of correction and copy editing, as well as to the new constraints of multisupport publishing.

Print and digital publishing

Articho automates the recurring and time-consuming tasks of copy editing, freeing up time for correction and editing, while the precise structuring of documents secures and optimizes composition and digital publishing. Articho thus ensures smooth and safe process, and guarantees considerable time savings at all stages of books and ebooks production.

Intuitive and simple integration

Articho is taken in hand effortlessly, by editors and proofreaders as well as by typesetters.

The five main orders of Articho perform the essential tasks of editorial and technical document preparation. They are complemented by a set of tools that extend Word’s capabilities for proofreading and copy editing.

Articho is simple and intuitive, and allows to carry out surely the sharp and complex tasks of an optimal preparation of the typescripts.

Articho adapts to your style guides

The typographical correction of Articho incorporates the essential rules of the Chicago Manual of style. You simply consult, modify and complete these controls, and thus adapt Articho to your style guides and the specificities of the texts you publish.

Sharing and collaborative work

Articho is shared within a network or with external collaborators for a homogeneous preparation of documents.

The installation program and Articho code are digitally signed by a Digicert authentication and certification certificate, an international certification body



Introduction – TypographyStructureToolboxAbout us


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