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l’Articho optimizes documents for print and digital production

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The advanced structuring of documents upstream of their import in a layout software secures and optimizes the work of typesetters and ebook producers.


Cleaning removes all unwanted characters, including in tables and footnotes.

Typographic consolidation for DTP

Typographical consolidation for DTP checks that the text conforms to the essential typographical rules and avoids line breaks prohibited by the placement of non-breaking spaces.


Consolidation of enrichments and removal of parasitic information optimize the document for typesestting and digital production.

Automated application of character styles. Converting enrichments into character styles automates typesetting and production of digital formats.

Character styles are applied intelligently: only relevant enhancements are stylized and only the styles used are created in the document; multiple enhancements are stylized by concatenation of style names (e.g.: chrBoldItalic). You simply edit and save the character stylesheet.

You simply edit the stylesheet that you save if desired. The styles applied are therefore always the same for each execution of the Structuring command on a document, and for all collaborators who share Articho.

Applying character styles greatly simplifies the work of page designers by allowing them to remove all unwanted formats of text in a single click, as soon as the Word document is imported into InDesign.

The application of character styles also simplifies the production of ebooks by allowing the automatic conversion of styles into XML tags (mapping).

Style sheet optimization. Deleting unused styles limits document interpretation to existing styles and simplifies template creation.

Automated composition of tables. The composition of tables prior to the layout frees the typesetter from this time-consuming task.

IntroductionTypography – Structure – ToolboxAbout us


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