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The essential tools for correction and copy editing

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Simplicity and time saving in daily work

Articho toolbox extends the possibilities of Word for correction and copy editing.

Express configuration

The Express Configuration brings together all the optimal Word configuration options in a single window for behavior that is suitable for correcting and editing. Your options’ choices are saved so that they can be applied in one click each time Word is opened.

Wildcards Find-replace

The wildcards find-replace of Articho extends the possibilities of Word’s find-replace function by allowing the use of wildcards (any number, any letter, any character) in replace texts.

The wildcards find-replace allows you to make corrections in one go that require multiple operations with Word’s find-replace function, or even prove impossible.

Use the Plus button to access options and limit the search to a paragraph style or to tables or text outside tables.


The find and paste function replaces the text searched for by the content of the clipboard. The alternative text can therefore include any type of content (tables, images, footnotes, etc.).

Correct index

While the index generated by Word is independent of the document’s index marks, Articho generates an index linked to the index marks of the document. When you correct Articho’s index, corrections are applied to the corresponding entries in the document. You can also make case corrections and find-replace corrections on index entries.

The movement in the index and corrections are made with the keyboard without the need to use the mouse, for optimal ergonomics. When a correction affects several inputs (e.g. a first level common to several inputs), all inputs are corrected simultaneously (example below) !

Compose tables

The composition of the tables ensures optimal readability of the Word document during correction, and frees the typesetter from this tedious and particularly time-consuming task.

You choose the desired width according to your layout template, and Articho composes all the tables in the document on this width, balancing the columns widths according to their content.

Generate a report

This tool analyses the technical specificities of the document and generates a report that you can then communicate to collaborators, for example when the Word document is sent to the DTP department or the typesetter.

Auto numbering > text

Converting automatic Word numberings into solid text, followed by tabulation, avoids numbering interpretation errors when editing text or importing it into layout software.

Consolidate enrichments

Converting inappropriate enhancements into secure formats recognized by page layout software ensures that these enhancements are not lost.

IntroductionTypographyStructure – Toolbox – About us


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