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the most complete and flexible typographical correction

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1. Please note that the typographical correction rules (Typography button on the Articho tab) of the English version of Articho are adapted to English typographical rules at 90% and are currently being finalized. All the other functions of the english version of Articho are finalized.
2. Screenshots of the English version of the website are screenshots of the French version of Articho and will soon be replaced by screenshots of the English version. Software is available in English and French.

Complete typographical correction

The typographical correction of Articho meets the requirements of publishers and proofreaders, as well as the preparation needs of typesetters.

In addition to typographical text corrections, Articho controls case rules, italic/roman compositions, the location of note calls, the composition of ordinal numbers…


Simply consult Articho’s typographical checklists for each category.

For each possible error identified, you are invited to choose between the different correction options. Articho does not correct the text without consulting you.


Simply modify and complete the typographical controls and adapt Articho to your publications and style guides.

The Chicago manual of style

Articho’s typographical rules are taken from the Chicago Manual of style. For each suggested correction, consult the associated typographical rule and examples

Introduction – Typography – StructureToolboxAbout us


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