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Articho is cultivated in teams and grows thanks to the collaboration of market gardeners with complementary skills.

Mikaël Bidault is the designer/developer of Articho. He has been working in the publishing industry for 25 years. From the complete management of editorial projects to the layout and production of ebooks, he has collaborated with many publishers and composition companies.

Gregory Hatey is the talented webmaster of Articho, while Clément Bascoulard is our programming expert, and takes care of PHP programming, online payment and of Articho setup program.

Sandrine Henry is our specialist of proofreading and typographical rules. She ensures the adaptation of the French typographical rules of Articho to the rules in force in England and the United States.

Laura Hargreaves is the English translator of the software. She also corrected the translation of the website.

Together, we have been passionately cultivating Artichokes for more than two years and are happy to share with you today the virtues of Artichokes.




IntroductionTypographyStructureToolbox – About us


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