Save time at every step of the publishing process


saves time at all stages of publication,
from manuscript preparation to print and digital production

software that we can’t live without because it’s

a real time saver and efficiency booster.”

Sandrine Pondaven, co-manager of Locus Solus Publishing (France)

apply the style guide
to ensure the quality and consistency of a publication


Adapt the template style guide to your own style guide


Create style guides and share them within a netwok or with external collaborators

i have been using articho regularly for copy editing for a year now, and i am very satisfied with it.

It is a flexible tool that we’ve been able to adapt well to our needs.”

Emmanuelle Pasquier, editorial assistant at Eyrolles Publishing

optimizing Word documents before dtp allows
for quick and secure typesetting and digital production


Delete all extraneous characters in the text, tables and footnotes, in just one click


Automatically optimize documents for typesetting and digital production

the unique feature of automatically applying character styles to formatted text is very valuable to us.

It’s quick and sure, making huge time saver during layout, and efficiency for creating digital files.”

Paula Gouveia, head of the Proofreading Department, Havas Factory

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Articho is authenticated with a DigiCert certificate

Powerful editing tools

Find and replace

Extends the possibilities of Word's find and replace function with the ability to use wildcards in replacement text

Find and paste

Enables text to be replaced with special characters, such as super and subscripts, italicized and bold copy...

Correcting the index

Corrections to the index generated by Articho are simultaneously made to the corresponding index marks

Formatting tables

Automatically balances columns and formats tables to fit a prespecified width adapted to the layout template

Auto-numbering to text

Converts auto-numbered text to text, avoiding numbering erros during correction and typesetting


Automatically detects and hyperlinks URLs, to enhance digital publishing (interactive PDF, ebook, Web pages)

articho is smart, efficient, and easy to use.

Our team immediately adopted it!”

Anne-Charlotte Chasset, editor at éditions des femmes-Antoinette Fouque

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