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Simple copy editing functions

Automate copy editing with the “one-click” functions of Articho

Customize and share

Customize Articho to fit with your style guides

The sharing of the customizations guarantees a precise and homogeneous preparation of documents

  • Compliance with typographical rules
  • Correction of spacing issues
  • Removal of unwanted characters
  • Consolidation for DTP
  • Express configuration of Word
  • Consolidation of enrichments
  • Find-replace wildcards
  • Detailed technical report
  • Spacing rules
  • Composition of numbers
  • Non-breaking spaces
  • Case rules, italics, pairing verification…
  • Conversion of enrichments to character styles
  • Removal of parasitic information
  • Optimization of style sheets
  • Automated composition of tables

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articho – questions and answers

Articho is a complete solution for publishing. It is aimed at those involved in editorial preparation (publishers, proofreaders, copy writers, etc.) and those in charge of producing printed and/or digital formats of publications (typesetters, ebook producers, XML producers, etc.).

  • Correction and copy editing. Articho is a complete solution for copy editing and correction. Editors, proofreaders, copy writers and copy editors will find solutions to recurring requirements in editorial preparation (deletion of unwanted characters, typography compliance, application of character styles…), as well as simple and powerful tools for professional correction and copy editing (find-replace wildcards, index correction, express and optimal Word configuration, technical reporting, optimization for typesetting…).
  • DTP. Articho’s document structure and optimization functions simplify the work of typesetters and ebook producers… The processing of the Word documents by articho before importing into a layout software ensures both a smooth and loss-free production of information, and a considerable time saving during the layout and production of digital outputs.

Articho is transparent and can be easily customized to comply with your style guides. Articho is constantly evolving with updated corrections increasingly reflecting the specifics of your publications. All articho controls can be easily consulted and modified.

  • Comprehensive display of typographical controls
  • Modification, addition and removal of controls
  • Addition of typographic rules
  • Modification of character style sheet

Articho consolidates and optimizes Word documents before they are imported into a layout software. Articho thus ensures simplicity and security, and guarantees significant time savings throughout the composition and production of print and digital outputs.

Cleaning. Removal of unwanted characters from text, notes and tables in order to produce a clean formatted document requiring no manual corrections.

Consolidation. Convert inappropriate enrichments into secure formats.

Non-breaking spaces. Automated and complete placement of non-breaking spaces avoids inappropriate line breaks.

Deletion of parasitic information. Comments, revision marks, hypertext links, etc., are deleted.

Optimization of style sheets. The removal of unused styles simplifies the interpretation of the document for typesetting by limiting the styles imported to just those needing to be formatted.

Conversion of enrichments into character styles. The application of a character style sheet makes it possible to remove undesirable replacements in one click, in order to preserve only the relevant formats. You can also be sure of not losing your enrichments when importing the Word document into InDesign or another package.

Automatic composition of tables. Tables are set to the text width of the template and columns are balanced. All that remains is to apply the painting and cell styles to the typesetter.

For more information, see the Structure page.

Articho is compatible with Microsoft Word 2010 for Windows and later versions. Compatibility with Word for MacOS is not guaranteed.

However, if you own a Mac and don’t have access to a PC, you can simply install a Windows system on your Mac using Bootcamp, the partition software provided for free by Apple.

If you have an Office 365 license, this allows Microsoft Word to be installed on multiple computers, Mac and PC. You will therefore not have to acquire a new Microsoft Word license for Windows.

Once Bootcamp and Windows are installed on your Mac, you can boot either on the Mac OS partition or on the Windows partition, in order to prepare your documents precisely using articho. You now have two computers in one!

For more information, see Bootcamp installation on Apple’s website.

Digital publishing is primarily a matter of structuring. The various publication formats (ePub, mobi or others) are structured according to an XML architecture. Articho facilitates the production of this types of format by ensuring reliable and precise structuring of documents, and by suppressing unwanted information.

  • Automated application of character styles. Articho is the only solution for automatically converting enrichments (bold, italic, superscript…) into character styles. Character styles can thus be associated with XML tags (mapping) in order to automatically generate digital formats. Only relevant enrichments are converted to styles. Multiple enrichments are taken into account.
  • Data optimization. Removing unwanted information, such as unused styles (paragraphs and characters), and consolidating data simplifies document interpretation and mapping for digital output production.

The use of articho on a network allows a homogeneous preparation of documents within a team, guaranteeing the consistency of your publications and the smooth running of your production processes.

    • Data sharing. You use the same database (typographic rules and controls, character styles…) within a network. When you modify data, changes are effective for all users. Articho is constantly evolving for everyone. The preparation of publications is homogeneous.
    • Export and import data. To share articho customizations with external collaborators, simply export the custom data file and then send it to them. All they have to do is import it into articho.
    • Use various customizations. If you want to use different typographical rules per theme or according to the clients you work for, create a folder for each domain/client (Practice, Law, Science, for example) and export the customization file for each folder. Then simply select the folder you want to use.

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