An add-in (also known as add-on or plug-in) is a third-party software that is integrated into another program and brings new features to this program.

Once Articho is installed on the computer, Microfosft Word displays the Articho tab to the right of the View tab on the ribbon.

Articho is the first add-in for Microsoft Word with indispensable tools for copyediting and formatting the documents.

Articho can be used by all print and digital publishing professionals: copyeditors, proofreaders, editorial/production coordinators, graphic designers, webmasters, as well as publishing and PR companies.

Articho is the ideal solution for anyone who wants to meet high publishing standards and productivity.

Articho is a comprehensive solution for copyediting. It provides correction and formatting tools that simplify or automate tasks of the preparation of documents for typesetting and digital formats production.

Proofreading: The Style Guide functions check the conformity of the texts with the Chicago Manual of Style. Articho’s widgets and tools enhance Word’s editorial functions and automate repetitive tasks of proofreading. 

Formatting: Cleaning tool identifies and removes all unwanted characters. Formatting tool perform such tasks as converting text formats into character styles. Widgets and tools help to perform specific tasks, such as preparing a document for print or digital publication.

Collaboration: Articho offers the ability to create multiple style guides. Style guides allow to share customized writing rules and stylesheets with all collaborators. This feature helps to ensure that everyone working follows the same stylistic and formatting rules.

Articho helps proofreaders both to adhere to style and with the proofreading task itself. Running a preferred style guide automatically applies the guide’s rules to a document. This provides proofreaders with a sense of confidence that stylistic rules are followed, and also frees them up from having to make repetitive corrections. By eliminating tedious tasks and ensuring that style is followed, Articho saves time and improves the quality of publications.

Articho offers invaluable editing and coordination tools. As an example, Articho can generate a technical report of a document, with the option to choose what information to include in the report and therefore communicate to collaborators. The ability to create and share customized style guides is a valuable asset for publishers in ensuring that all collaborators on a project follow style, and that a standardized formatting is used by the production team in both print and digital publications.

One very helpful feature is that when a style guide is modified, the changes are immediately visible to all collaborators with whom the style guide has been shared. Articho is constantly evolving to make it easier for all team members to be able to follow style and create stylistically accurate content.

Digital publishing is primarily a matter of structure.

The various publication formats, such EPUB and MOBI, follow the structure of XML. Articho facilitates the use of digital formats by producing correctly formatted documents and removing parasitic information.

  • Automated application of character styles. Articho is the only program that automatically converts standard formatting (eg, italics, superscripts, underlining) into character styles. Character styles can thus be associated with XML tags (mapping) in order to automatically generate digital formats.
  • Data optimization. Removing unwanted characters, information, and unused styles, and consolidating data all simplify document interpretation and mapping for digital output production.

Articho can easily be customized to follow your stylistic needs and is constantly evolving to ensure corrections reflect style as closely as possible.  To confirm that the style guide in Articho reflects all your needs, you can:

  • view the list of stylistic rules, either as one full list, or broken down into categories (eg, capitalization, italics/roman);
  • modify, add, and delete rules in the style guide.

All style guides created in Articho include:

  • writing rules available from the Style Guide menu;
  • paragraph and character stylesheets available from the Paragraph Styles and Character Styles menus.

When a style guide is modified, the changes are immediately visible to all collaborators with whom the style guide has been shared. Articho is constantly evolving to make it easier for all team members to be able to follow style and create stylistically accurate content and avoid unwanted surprised.

Yes. You have three options:

  1. Install a dual-boot MacOS/Windows system on your Macintosh with Boot Camp, the solution offered free of charge by Apple.
  2. Boot your Mac from a bootable Windows USB stick. If you don’t want to modify your Mac’s configuration, this is the solution for you. This method has the advantage of not modifying your Mac’s hard drive, which is not visible when you boot from the Windows USB stick.
  3. Order a Windows USB stick from us. We’ll take care of everything, and send it to you by post.

To find out more, see our Running Articho on a Mac page.

In the near future, we’ll be offering the possibility of automatically upgrading from a Pro to a Premium license.

In the meantime, please contact us with your ID, and we’ll send you an invoice for the remaining subscription time and an upgrade link upon receipt of your payment. Please send us your ID (License -> Get your ID) via the Contact page of our website: click here.