The installation program and Articho code are digitally signed by a Digicert authentication and certification certificate, an international certification body.

Tariff of the subscription to Articho:

  • 1 month subscription: $14
  • 3 months subscription: $14/month, or $42
  • 6 months subscription: $12/month, or $72
  • 1 year subscription: $10/month, or $120

Besides the use of Articho, the subscription allows you to benefit from the support as well as regular updates of Articho.


You wish to acquire a multi-user license, please contact us:

Acquire and activate a license

To acquire a license, choose Acquire a License in the License menu. You will be redirected to the secure Paypal website.

Simply copy the key you have received by email, and paste it in the appropriate field.

Payment off-line

If you wish to buy a licence offline, send us a form. Select Get my ID in the License drop-down list of the Articho tab. You will be redirected on the Contact page of the website, to send us an order form. Paste your ID in the Text field and specify the desired license duration.

Go to the Contact-license page

Download trial version

Fully functional and free 30 days